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Peter Stringfellow
and his mini baby belle
strolling by the Thames

(Pun © [livejournal.com profile] flaneurette)

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The pertinent facts of this celeb-spot eat up so many syllables that there’s no room to embellish:
Edward Tudor-Pole
At Leicester Square tube station
Wearing a flat cap
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The haiku format
Suits a name that’s hard to rhyme—
Such as Dan Cruickshank.

It isn’t. It is!
I forgot how much he’s aged.
It’s Feargal Sharkey!
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(NB - This haiku does not abide by the 5-7-5 rule)

TV’s David Quantick
Standing in Berwick Street dressed in a burgundy schoolboy outfit complete with shorts and a cap and carrying a guitar while on the phone to someone he can see in an upstairs flat —
It is overcast
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Lord Jeffrey Archer
Windswept, striding by the Thames
Scowling little git
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Fenella Fielding
Ambling along Berwick Street
Leaning on her stick

(And looking exactly like this:
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On passing comedy writer Graham Linehan in the street:
Graham Linehan?
Graham bloody Linehan!
Graham Linehan.
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Tall and saturnine
With a woman twice his age
Russell Brand stalks past

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Suggs (out of Madness)
Taking on a big white van.
Who will win? It will.

EDIT: This means that he started to cross, then saw the van and jumped out of the way, rather than that he did a Perkins.
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Bugger me! Brucie!
What the hell's he doing here*?
No, seriously.

* "Here" as in "Parliament", rather than "alive".
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That bloke off The Bill.
Oh, you know the one. That guy.
Him in the photo.

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"Egg" out of This Life,
Leaving shop in Wardour Street.
(Oh, and Teachers too.)

Rowan Williams
Canterbury's Archbishop
Off to have his tea
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Stockwell tube station
Dan Cruickshank’s looking confused
That makes two of us

Note to passing non-Brits: You may not know the name now, but he'll crop up on BBC World soon enough.

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