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From New Scientist:
Thirty years ago Joe Davis, a peg-legged artist and motorcycle mechanic from Mississippi, walked into MIT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies demanding to speak with the director. Forty-five minutes later - after trashing a receptionist’s desk and fending off the police - Davis left with a six-month academic appointment. It ultimately lasted more than a decade.

Davis reasons that bacteria engage in activity that produce audible frequencies but we don’t know what they sound like because no one has bothered to listen. He then invents a laser-powered optical microscope. Pointing his microscope at brine shrimp and paramecium he realizes you can easily tell them apart by the sounds they make, in the same way you could differentiate sheep from cows by listening to their vocalizations.

So far so good, but who cares? In the next scene we find Davis demonstrating his optical microscope at an exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal. Only this time he has convinced a striking young woman to let him cover her in nothing but honey and gold dust - presumably for her own protection. Then he uses his optical microscope to project the sound of her heartbeat and respiration to a rapt audience...

In another sexually charged example of performance art Davis sets out to correct what he feels is a case of censorship in scientists’ efforts to communicate with extraterrestrials. He explains that researchers have sent images of an anatomically correct man into outer space but the image they sent of a woman lacked genitalia. To right this wrong, Davis transmitted the sound of vaginal contractions of ballet dancers to several nearby stars. The audio recording was beamed from MIT’s Millstone Hill radar for several minutes before the United States Air Force shut him down.

Apart from art bordering on the perverse, Davis has invented a bacterially-grown radio and a frog-leg powered airplane. He developed supercode, a silent or bio-chemically inert genetic code to embed Greek poetry into the DNA of white-eyed flies and the image of the Milky Way into the ear of a mouse.

New Scientist
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Sometimes these things just fall into your lap. A couple of weeks ago I nipped out from work to the Tesco over the road. I went to get a yoghurt and there, on top of them, lay a photocopied A4 sheet. For sheer attention-grabbing panache, I can't fault its headline:

Our correspondent mentions a website, so they have at least dipped his toe into the rapids of the internet, but they are apparently persuaded that secreting their information in supermarkets next to Parliament is a far more effective information delivery system. And to the extent that I am now passing it on to you, they're right.

Full text under the cut, if you can face it )

EDIT: Hmm, the more that comes to light about Sister Ruth, the more i'm persuaded that this screed may be a revelation sent directly from the good Sister herself... [Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] clanwilliam for the legwork.]
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A woman is suing P Diddy for $1 trillion (£635 billion). Valerie Joyce Wilson Turks, 31, has filed the suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the rap mogul, his former girlfriend Kim Porter and Rodney King, the man who was a victim of assault by the Los Angeles Police in 1991.

She also claims that her [sic] and Diddy have a son together, Cornelius Wilson, who is now 23. Turks also alleges that Diddy, real name Sean Combs, caused the 9/11 attacks, put her son in hospital and sold a poker chip belonging to her, which she says was worth "100 zillions of dollars".

According to court papers seen by Radaronline.com, Turks is asking for $900 billion (£571.5 billion) in child support and $100 billion (£63.5 billion) in lost income.

In papers she has submitted to the court, Turks wrote:
[Diddy] went through Kim Porter and Rodney King and knocked down the World Trade Center and then they all came and knocked my children down. Set me up to be on disability and disabled my baby. He put my baby in a wheelchair.
She added:
I won a lot of money at the casino in Mississippi and Sean P Diddy Combs has my chip to my money. I want my chip please help me. It's well worth over 100 zillions of dollars.
Turks also applied for a restraining order against Diddy, which a judge has denied. Although Turks is not expected to get very far with her lawsuit, the judge has set a court date of January 31 for the case to be heard. [NME]
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For an institution that spends probably 80 per cent of its time merely repeating the phrases “human rights”, “democracy” and “the rule of law”, the Council of Europe does some surprisingly useful things. Its biggest headline-grabber was when it was the first body to officially confirm the Bush administration’s extrajudicial kidnappings, although I confess that, when I read the news reports at the time, I was entirely unaware of its involvement since my gaze slid off the name “Council of Europe” just as yours probably did at the start of this paragraph. (If that isn’t the case and you actually know what the Council of Europe does, you work for the Council of Europe and I claim my five pounds.)

A liberal talking shop that isn’t part of the structure of the EU but was a crucial precursor to its founding—the European Court is a part of it—the Council of Europe has its own building next to the European Parliament in Strasbourg and holds four parliamentary assemblies a year. They’re platitude-heavy and mostly predictable affairs (should you be in a back room, try randomly switching the sound on and off and see how often you can come directly in on the words “democracy” or “human rights”) but, crucially, they allow smaller or poorer countries to be heard alongside their larger neighbours, and they enable parliamentarians of a variety of nationalities, political persuasions and indeed abilities to gather and try to reach some common purpose. As with any parliament, the most important questions are all asked and answered offstage.

The Council is well placed to ask difficult questions, possibly because of its lack of notoriety. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the respondents to Paul Flynn MP’s critical report for the CoE on the dubious goings-on at the World Health Organisation over the swine flu non-demic only answered in the first place because they thought the council sounded more important than it actually is, a bit like flashing your Oyster card at the security guard at Vauxhall Cross and hoping he’ll mistake it for an MI6 pass.

Rather like the stretch of pavement outside my flat, the parliamentary sessions can be a forum for squabbles to get an airing. However, since any large spats between major countries would be played out at a far higher level such as the UN, the Council is mainly reserved for third-division stuff like this:

THE PRESIDENT – We now come to Amendment No. 7… which is, in the draft resolution, paragraph 12, after “it should be emphasised that a strong and active opposition is beneficial to democracy”, insert the following sentence: “This is the case in Moldova.”

Mr PETRENCO (Communist Party, Moldova) – We propose to insert the above sentence because we consider that the rights of the opposition in Moldova are being violated. There is an attempt by the authorities to ban the only parliamentary opposition party—that is, the Communist Party—as well as its name and its symbols. We consider that opposition rights are not being respected.

THE PRESIDENT – Does anyone wish to speak against the amendment?

Mr GHILETCHI (Ruling coalition, Moldova) – Mr Petrenco’s argument has no basis at all. No country name is mentioned in this paragraph, and the amendment intends to declare the Communist Party of Moldova the best opposition party in Europe. I propose to reject this amendment and keep the paragraph as it is.

Amendment No. 7 is rejected. [Source]
One particularly dependable source of conflict is the enduring hatred between neighbouring Armenia and Azerbaijan. Almost as soon as the two countries gained their independence from Russia after the Bolshevik revolution they went to war, which only properly subsided when both of them were absorbed into the new Soviet Union. The pilot light stayed lit, though, and at the first signs of the Soviet structure weakening in the late 1980s they were at it again. Azerbaijan maintains that at that point Armenia invaded and occupied several Azeri territories including Nagorno-Karabakh, while the Armenians contend they were liberating those regions’ Armenian populations. Tomayto, tomato.

Any opportunity to accuse their opponents of something nefarious is therefore grasped and pretty much throttled by either side, and the Council of Europe presents many such opportunities. During a debate on Kosovo, for example, the Azeri delegate who was due to speak—a woman who is the bane of English transcribers at these events due to her insistence on addressing the Council in her own delirious form of the language—that she had had to discard her prepared English speech and drawn up a hurried response in her much better Turkish to the outrageous allegations about Azerbaijan made earlier that day by the Armenian delegate in another debate. She then used her allotted four minutes about Kosovo to talk about Nagorno-Karabakh. This happens a lot. Informed that he wouldn’t have to report her as she had opted for another language, one English transcriber turned to his colleague and said, “Thank God for this war”.

This endless bickering led to a spectacular contribution to last Friday’s debate entitled, innocuously, “Forests: the future of our planet?”. While the other delegates had made the right kinds of general noises about trees—a vicious irony, incidentally, given the staggering volumes of paper that are wasted by the Council—Mr Huseynov from Azerbaijan felt there was an angle on the issue that was being overlooked: Mr Huseynov Goes To Strasbourg )
Sideshows aside, though, there is still ultimately some value in an organisation dedicated to banging on, however smugly, about “human rights”, “democracy” and “the rule of law” and encouraging regimes to give them a ago, given how much of the world is implacably opposed to all three. Spending last week seeing the workings of this mostly footling and infuriating but occasionally extraordinary body up close was an odd privilege.

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Norway Time Hole “Leak” Plunges Northern Hemisphere Into Chaos

Russian scientists are reporting to Prime Minister Putin today that the high-energy beam fired into the upper heavens from the United States High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) radar facility in Ramfjordmoen, Norway this past month has resulted in a “catastrophic puncturing” of our Plant’s thermosphere thus allowing into the troposphere an “unimpeded thermal inversion” of the exosphere, which is the outermost layer of Earth’s atmosphere.

To the West’s firing of this ‘quantum’ high-energy beam we had previously reported on in our December 10, 2009 report titled “Attack On God’s ‘Heaven’ Lights Up Norwegian Sky”.

To how catastrophic for our Planet this massive thermal inversion has been Anthony Nunan, an assistant general manager for risk management at Mitsubishi Corporation in Tokyo, is reporting today that the entire Northern Hemisphere is in winter chaos, with the greatest danger from this unprecedented Global event being the destruction of billions of dollars worth of crops in a World already nearing the end of its ability to feed its self.

To the long-term consequences of this thermal inversion caused by the West, these reports further warn that by the puncturing of our atmosphere by the HHARP radars our Planet has, also, been “needlessly exposed” to the growing threat posed to us by the giant mysterious object currently approaching us (named by NASA as G1.9) which we had previously reported on in our January 3rd report titled “Russia Prepares For Asteroid Strike As New Comet Nears Sun”, and which has been blamed for the rapid shifting of our Earth’s North Pole that was first documented in 2005. [Pakistan Daily]
For more on Russia’s newly found role as saviours of the planet, see this Wired article, Russian Plans To Save Earth From Rogue Asteroid:
It’s not clear how, exactly, the Russians plan to deflect Apophis, a chunk of rock the size of two and a half soccer fields that was first discovered by astronomers in 2004. Anatoly Perminov, the space agency head, promised that there would be “no nuclear explosions” and that everything would be done “on the basis of the laws of physics.”
Also, here’s a reasonable explanation of the Norwegian “quantum time ray”, presumably concocted by the secret world government or something.
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“Mr Martin Burke founded Emotion Records Limited in January 2003. A request for approval was made to the Lord Chamberlain in December 2004, and a reply was received from Mr Jonathan Spencer, Deputy Comptroller in the Lord Chamberlain’s Office, on behalf of The Queen. This reply contained the honour of an invitation to alter the company’s insignia so that there is no confusion that the design E♥R (Elizabeth Regina Love) and its variations is The Queen's Cypher, similar to EIIR. A heavy metal label newly launched in October 2004 was suspended and the company changed.

“Prior to E♥R Mr Burke carried out fundamental work in Economics and Mathematics, discovering and defining a new mathematical object in 1997, The General Economic Measurement Scale. Simple illustrations were prepared for the Bank of England in 2005. An eminent academic confirmed no prior literature in 2006. The General Democratic Voting Scale was defined in 2007. Up until this time the science of Economics did not have a defined measurement scale.”

Martin Burke’s short paper on the General Economic Measurement Scale is reproduced here, in full:

“After 2004 Mr Burke worked on his own initiative and made a contribution with others to the resolution of several national and international emergencies: 7/7; Northern Ireland; Iraq; Afghanistan; Entrenching democracy in Pakistan; Darfur; The Burma cyclone; The North Korea nuclear crisis; The Royal Navy prisoners in Iran; The Lebanon War 2006; Developing the Palestinian state; Relations with Russia; Zimbabwe; Gaza; amongst others.

“Mostly this work is done in the office. However to see Mr Burke in action, please see this Sky News video of an interview with General Dannatt (the head of the Army), at 3 mins 6 secs, the man in the background walking right to left, in blue jeans, brown boots, black coat, carrying a rucksack.”

Yesterday Gerald Kaufman MP, presumably to make him stop writing in, read out a petition to the Commons from Martin Burke, who “has written to several members of the Commons and Lords individually and collectively in the past 3 years and now wishes to introduce himself and address the Commons as a whole”, bringing his discovery to their attention:
The Petitioner … requests that the House of Commons bears in mind The General Economic Measurement Scale and The General Democratic Voting Scale in its work on the current challenges facing the country and in its future law making, and uses them in its thinking; whatever the consequences to the petitioner of the small parts played by him in the above declared events; and the petitioner further requests that the House accepts these objects for inclusion in the House of Commons Library where members can see them.
Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lowlowprices for bringing this urgently to my attention.
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This is fantastic. It’s an analysis of the symbolism used during the US elections, in campaign logos and otherwise, purporting to show that “someone has been going through an awful lot of trouble to tie this election to the ancient mythological symbolism of Sirius”.

The Dog Star was very significant to ancient Egyptians. Freemasonry also venerates it, due to the organisation’s claimed heritage from ancient Egypt, and it turns up a fair bit in Masonic symbolism as the Blazing Star, sometimes depicted with a staircase ascending towards it.

The trouble is that Freemasons have always enjoyed encoding messages, often in plain view (see picture), which stokes the paranoia of those inclined to see their machinations everywhere. But it’s one thing for the designers of the Great Seal to have had their fun—quite another for someone to reach conclusions like this:
So after the Twin Towers (widely believed to have been symbolic stand-ins for Jachin and Boaz) came down, what was left standing was the World Financial Center, which no one ever noticed when the WTC still stood.

And encoded into the WFC is a Stairway to Sirius, the star system significant to Egyptian religion and the occult traditions and Masonic traditions and Ancient Astronaut Theory.

So, as the later Solomonic tradition vanishes from the skyline, it reveals the Stairway to Sirius, almost as if we are traveling back in time using architectural symbolism.
How is the WFC a Stairway to Sirius? Like this:

In descending order, that’s a pyramid, a rising sun and a five-pointed star. It may not look an awful lot like a five-pointed star, but note that from another angle it’s clear that the building has five sides, kind of:

Of course from that angle you can see that the other two buildings have that “five-sided” design as well, but, just,… look, it’s a Stairway to Sirius, all right?

He goes into hyperdrive when he starts talking about Sarah Palin. When she made the joke about lipstick on a pit bull she was “equating herself with a dog” which “reminds us that Sirius is the Dog Star”, while the sequence where a video screen behind her showed a rising sun meant that she was “presented as Isis, giving birth to the Sun” and it’s therefore “no accident then that she was the mother of an infant child … and the mother of a pregnant 17 year-old”. Even the number 17 there turns out to be incredibly significant.

Sticking closely to the conspiracy-nut formula, he’s contemptuous of those taking part in the election for being dupes who have no clue what’s actually going around them, referring to the process witheringly as the “Clown Show”. However, he ends rather plaintively:
Why go to all of this trouble, over a period of thousands of years, to try to get the attention of these unseen space gods? From Heliopolis to Hollywood and every stop in between, there is an elaborate, secret language at work that is consistent, coherent and predictive.


What is so compelling about all of this symbolism which always seems to point somewhere out in the cosmos, even in the ostensibly exoteric religions? What is the ultimate goal to this symbolic conversation, to which you and I seem to be passive observers?

This is not just a bunch of crusty old coots in aprons having a laugh, believe you me.

Stay tuned...
So he doesn’t know either. All he’s doing is finding everywhere the symbols he expects to find, where someone who had read different books would find completely different interpretations. (And, after all, we have already seen that the inspiration for the date of 9/11 came from a dream about a cake.)

He also practises the fevered numerology of the true loon:
Here’s a blurb from a page on the Louvre's Pharaoh exhibition:
Sachez que tout don en faveur du musée du Louvre est déductible à hauteur de 66% de l’impôt sur le revenu : à titre d’exemple, un don de 50€ vous permet de bénéficier de 33€ de réduction d’impôt. – Louvre
My French is a little rusty, but my numerology is pretty sharp. 6+6+5+0=17, which goes nicely with the 33, no?
This is monomania at its finest and I highly recommend it to the connoisseur. He can apply this kind of tunnel-vision semiotics to pretty much anything he lays eyes on, such as this Golden Globes poster:

“Fascinating art in light of recent events—an uber-phallic illuminated obelisk flanked by a gauntlet of Phoenix palm trees.”
I might send him the Sun-Ice Man’s flyer and see what he makes of it.
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Wow. Since I last visited his site, this man’s mania has gone from strength to strength:
On … Thursday 12th January, I was watching the 10pm [Celebrity Big Brother’s] Big Mouth programme on E4. As the studio chat about the latest events was drawing to an end, just after 10.20pm, the presenter Russell Brand introduced the last piece—footage of the very latest goings on—so recent that he joked we shouldn’t watch but should close our eyes, and as the tape started running the caption underneath read “Exclusive—it’s never happened yet.”

It was footage of Michael, standing, having an argument with Jodie, lying on her bed, with Chantelle (and Maggot) present. When Michael became fierce and animated, Jodie suddenly looked like she’d had enough and sat up. Michael was speaking loudly and very fast without pause or listening to Jodie, but Jodie filled the frame and we could see and hear anything she said. While Michael continued speaking quickly, Jodie sat up and said something like “Alright, alright... “ (as if “Alright, alright, take THIS!”) and she defiantly said just one word loud and clear—MY NAME! Michael didn’t seem to hear and carried on for a bit longer.

A celebrity hadn’t just mentioned my name to another, but mentioned it in heated argument, under attack, as the ultimate weapon of last resort! As a crucifix to ward off the vampire! “If I mention the name of that X man[1], you’ll run! If I let out the big secret you'll run!”

I recorded the repeat of this programme which was broadcast a few hours later, at 2.55am on Channel 4. But when I watched the recording I realized that they had now edited that few seconds out! They had edited the repeat showing of Celebrity Big Brother’s Big Mouth just to stop one word being broadcast—my name! You can clearly see the edit—the picture of Jodie jumps—one moment she springs up to say something in defiance, and the next, the edit jumps, and she's laying back, resting on her elbow again, having obviously just said something. I told my brother about it and showed him the recording, saying that at least the edit was proof they were censoring just even my name being mentioned, when he suddenly pointed and exclaimed, “Chantelle just said, ‘Michael, Michael—where’s Sumon?’” I replayed the recording, and as Michael turns away from Jodie to exit, Chantelle has been trying to get his attention to add a supportive and supplementary taunt to Jodie’s. Chantelle says “Michael, Michael... where’s Sumon?’”

So my name is Sumon. What’s the censorship for? What’s the big deal? Will the public all drop dead when they learn about me? Sumon! SUMON! SUMON! Don’t you respect the man in the street? Don’t they have a right to know what you know? […] Why did it take two women to do what men should have done? What’s wrong with men in Celebrity Land? Have they all been taken on an unfortunate trip to the vet’s? [Link]
He also includes an extract from one of the many letters he writes, this one to the commissioner of the Metropolitan police:
Younger people have no interest in politics, or authority, or even current affairs. Why should they have? Look how useless you all are. So take a look at popular culture. A couple of years ago, only one new movie in several openly referred to me in some way or other, but now it’s three in four openly referring to me in the title. Current movie releases are “Keeping Mum”, “House of Wax”, “Doom”, “Land of the Dead”, “The Brothers Grimm”, “It’s All Gone Pete Tong”, “The History Boys”, “Driving Lessons”, “Fade to Black”, “Revolver”. At the time of writing, three out of four new pop songs refer to me in the title. Oasis title their current album “Don’t Believe the Truth”, The Rolling Stones—“A Bigger Bang” [1], Coldplay—“X and Y” (X and why) [1], Robbie Williams—“Intensive Care”, the band U2—“How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” [1]. The list goes on and on and on. American bands are all starting to follow suit. Not only is it ridiculous that one person has had such an influence, but that this person is still a taboo subject.

Are you seriously suggesting that you haven’t noticed TV schedules chosen around me, adverts, novels, newspapers all referring to me without mentioning me by name?

[1] The letter X and any reference to atomic explosions are very special to him.
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Last November 35 members of the “True Russian Orthodox Church”, a generic extremist sect that believes in the imminent apocalypse and thinks that barcodes are the mark of the Beast, etc etc, barricaded themselves inside an underground cave in Russia to shelter from the coming apocalypse. They threatened to set themselves on fire if any attempt was made to remove them by force. The date set for the apocalypse was May, according to Pyotr Kuznetsov, the group’s leader. He is said to have ordered his followers into the cave but he didn’t join them, having been taken into custody for psychiatric evaluation.

Negotiators and local priests tried to talk to the cult members, not least to warn them that the cave was unsafe and in danger of collapsing, but communication was sporadic and hostile. Then, towards the end of March, the cave partially collapsed and began to fill with water. Kuznetsov, by now diagnosed schizophrenic, was brought along to negotiate with his flock. Seven female members were persuaded to leave the increasingly unsafe cave, although they were granted their wish to remain isolated until the world ends in May. More cult members followed them over the next few days, along with the four children they had taken with them. It was at this point that Kuznetsov said he realised he had been wrong about his prediction and tried to commit suicide, apparently by laying his head on a tree stump and striking it with a large plank.

Meanwhile, the remaining members of the True Russian Orthodox Church stayed in the cave, being either faithful hardcore zealots or dead. The hardcore zealots made it clear that they would not leave despite worsening conditions, while the dead consisted of one woman who had already been very ill with cancer and another who had “fasted too intensely”. Two weeks later the remaining cult members resumed negotiations, saying that they were now running out of water and could they please have some. It’s something of an anticlimax to read that they are said to be preparing to emerge on 27 April.

The fact that the sect leader is demonstrably mentally ill, has recanted his apocalyptic predictions and indeed now faces charges for his activities is no bar to other sect members dreaming of inheriting his mantle. Vitaly Nedogon, one of the cultists who quit the cave in early April and then shut himself away ready for May’s rollercoaster ride, has told Russia Today: “There are signs I am to be the new prophet and the one to bear the cross... but I’m in no position to judge.” Go Vitaly! After all, God’s got to speak through someone.

Moral: It’s as important as ever to respect other people’s firmly held religious beliefs.
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Oh, this is my kind of idiot. This man’s theory has been around for over 10 years, so if you’re already familiar with it I apologise for being late to the party. I’m not entirely sure how I’ve missed it, actually, because it has all the ingredients I enjoy: a questionably stable author with a scarcely comprehensible theory about the world that is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN HISTORY, a howling mad website written in multicoloured oversized fonts and a galaxy of supposed enemies who are working overtime to ensure that THE TRUTH is never heard.

Here are the basics of the theory of Dr Gene Ray (Cubic). The north and south poles are static; there has to be a point, even if it’s microscopic, that doesn’t rotate with the rest of the earth. Also, one half of the earth between the poles is always shrouded in night while the other basks in daylight. The existence of these fixed points means that the earth can be divided into four distinct quarters, where one is at midnight, the next at sunrise, the next at midday and the fourth at sunset. In one 24-hour period each of those quarters will have passed through all four points, so the earth will have amassed four lots of 24 hours—meaning that, and stay with me here, what we know as a “day” actually consists of 96 hours. Furthermore, since the planet’s hemispheres rotate in different directions, they cancel each other out and thus, according to Wikipedia (admittedly, a phrase rapidly becoming the equivalent of shouting “... NOT!”), the theory might mean that the planet does not technically exist.

That’s it. That’s the theory. It’s not easy to glean from his website, though, which is (a) written in a style that is almost impenetrably idiosyncratic and (b) mostly given over to abuse directed at people who don’t subscribe to, or have not heard of, his Time Cube theory (we are “snotbrains”, apparently). But he is adamant that by believing in a single period called a “day” that the earth moves through as a single body—possibly, indeed, by believing in the very existence of the planet—we are being dangerously delusional. We have been brainwashed, partly by malevolent educators and partly by the Bible, into believing in singularity. This is important because everything in the universe has an opposite and thus everything is dualistic, while the number one is apparently evil. He claims to be an atheist, reiterating the non-existence of God and reserving particularly vituperative abuse for Jesus whom he labels a “queer Jew”, but on the other hand is insistent that unless we embrace his theory we are, literally, consigning ourselves to hell.
He who speaks, preaches, teaches, condones
or practices SINGULARITY - an evil that
equates DEATH by cancellation of universal
OPPOSITES - hemispheres, sexes, seasons,
races, temperatures, marriages and divided
cell (the human Cubic who rotates a 4 corner
stage family rotating metamorphic lifetime) -
should have their evil lying tongue cut out.
Educators are lying bastards.
-1 x -1= +1 is WRONG, it is
academic stupidity and is evil.
Dr Gene Ray (Cubic)
Several times Dr Ray (Cubic) lays claim to being “The Wisest Human”. He wouldn’t expect you merely to take his word for that, of course. For proof, he links to another website, thewisesthuman.com, with which he may have some connection. Just check out those credentials!

Connected to his theory of the Time Cube, in ways that are not entirely clear, is Dr Ray (Cubic)’s other core belief:
Word enslaves human mind more efficiently than shackle. Word is unnatural and must be taught to enslave dummies. Languages have deadly virus that will destroy the educated.
Dr Gene Ray (Cubic and Wisest Human)
Note how he is already striving hard to shrug off the shackles of communication. He can be seen doing the same in this interview, although rather more fun is this short film of science site SuperNova accurately explaining his theory.

In case some aspects of Time Cube theory still evade you, I refer you to this handy diagram from yet another of Dr Ray (Cubic)’s websites, cubicao.tk (Cubic Awareness Online).

Basically, if we all stop speaking and writing and believe really hard that there are four corners of the earth (which itself might not actually exist), each for some reason collecting their own separate amounts of time, which... which then... okay, I’m still not clear on that point, but anyway, if we do that, then humanity will be saved from obliteration. Now surely that’s a message we can all get behind.
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I’m touched that al-Qaeda was upset enough at my leaving the country for a couple of days to protest by trying to blow up nightclubs and airports. There was really no need, lads. Still, I’m back now, so we can all relax.

I was following developments on my cousin’s net-enabled mobile, which is something I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do 10 years ago from a mountain cabin in the middle of Norway. Sadly, though, I was allowing myself to be brainwashed by the mainstream media, and hadn’t realised that,
in both cases … the drivers had certainly not intended to suicide themselves in a blaze of glory. On the contrary, the behaviour of both suggests they were far too concerned to save their own lives. No suicide bombers they, trained through mind-control and drugs to accept a gory end. These guys, it seems, were trained to botch up and fail in the missions they were ostensibly seen to be attempting! [Source: Zimbio.com]
As with every other terrorist attack in history, according to that blogger and plenty like him, these terrorist attacks were not actually undertaken by terrorists at all. In fact, so determined are David Shayler and his ilk to dismiss the possibility that the people who drove the cars and tried to blow them up really intended to do so for the cause ascribed to them that, if I were a jihadi intent on attacking my mortal enemy, I would be deeply insulted by their insistence that I was a stooge or an agent provocateur or a hologram or whatever. Insulted enough that I might just see if I could take them out along with whichever innocent citizens I was considering targeting next (hint, hint).*

In the meantime, then, on the one hand we have people trying to blow us up; on the other hand we have a panicked state that will be ever more wary of its citizens, with all the implications that has for future civil liberties; and on the prosthetic third hand we have kneejerk auto-gainsay numpties telling us that it’s all a fiction, no-one understands THE TRUTH of geopolitics like they do and in fact it’s all the work of that Gordon Browns. (Has anyone yet drawn a killer inference from the fact that he shares his initials with the US president? Five points for the first sighting, if not.) So, however occasionally violent and unsettling the times we live in, no-one can accuse them of not being tedious.

* This journal is especially popular among the 18-25 semi-skilled would-be martyr demographic.

A man who doesn’t exist not being arrested by fake police officers
for a crime he wouldn’t have committed even if he could have done,
which he couldn’t because he was somewhere else working for the security
services, or not. Did we mention he doesn’t exist?
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A couple of years ago, [livejournal.com profile] j4 posted this about a dream she had had. Her light-hearted reference to a “M*nistry of Dreams” (you’ll see soon enough why I’m censoring it) has had unexpected side effects. The warning shot came in the form of a recent email:
From: janetmck / Janet McKnight stole the name of my ministry on site journal <thiefexposed@alumni.com>
Subject: write janet mcknight and ask her why she stole the name

G0d spoke the name m*nistry of dreams to me and he showed me put do not copy on website and that is higher than patent, but janetmck stole. here it is on her website, and will be on the internet soon: here we see that janetmck / Janet McKnight, j4, stole the name m*nistry of dreams to make it hers when it says do not copy on website, she stole and will release
The complainant, apparently called Bob, runs the M*nistry of Dreams, “a Christian warning ministry for the end times”, where he shares the latest dreams and visions in which G0d has had a word in his shell-like.*

[livejournal.com profile] j4, quite reasonably, did not remove her reference to the M*nistry of Dreams. This has made Bob, who appears to have a lot of down-time between visions, very cross. This is a selection of the 25 emails he sent her today; she has posted the full list here.
Subject: jan, Jesus tole me how 2 take u out, loose job,
Subject: do not copy on sites, u saw, fool, hated by all now hater of God
Subject: type into gogle janet mcknght stole the name
Subject: jan, its not funny now is it, how u like being embarrased
Subject: im going to make britain hate u, thief, liar, act like love
Subject: tony blair will see this, and order your site romoved
Subject: you stupid fool, u new better, make me fall, now fall in my place
Subject: visions are in reserve, Ill put back up, and have .com,
Subject: the longer u leave on, the more people find out,
Subject: the biggest fool of britain, I can take your board down now
Subject: appologize, repent, maybe I take down, but, dont have to
Subject: now, what do u think about Jesus the one u stole from,
Subject: u new I was elijah, now, open earth and swollow
Subject: your last waring was given, and u chose ruin, now reap bitch
Subject: ha hah aha, m*nistry of dreams caught o janet mack
Well, he certainly reads like a monomaniacal loon, but then being howling mad is pretty much a prerequisite for being a prophet. Maybe this is what would have happened if Isaiah had had internet access. And since, with the worldwide resurgence in religion, we’re forever being urged to treat people’s wildest beliefs with abiding respect or even reverence, I realise I have no choice but to worship him and his divinely inspired righteousness. All hail Crazy Bob.

* Sample quote:
God has showed me a spirit that looked like putin and he said, “russia will attack”, and I saw this president and he said, “russia will”, and I saw me and I said, “when the economy collapses”, and I saw hollie and she said, “russia”, “will attack”, “pray”, and I saw putin and he said, “can you beat russia”, “when the economy collapses”, “russia will attack”, “america’s trapped now”, “russia will attack”, “witness don’t care”, and I saw gene schmidt and he said, “thats what I need”, and I saw ann and she said, “wonder how he’s trapped”, and I saw this president and he said things like, “I’m bush”, “running out of money”, and I saw putin and he said, “oil”
[Information reproduced by kind permission of the clearly satanic [livejournal.com profile] j4.]
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I first came across this five years ago. For anyone I didn't pester about it at the time and who has never come across it before, I am privileged to present:
The Great Weeping Face on the Pacific Ocean Floor

Above we see a side by side tracing next to the FACE on the Pacific Ocean Floor.
The tracing is deliberately simplistic and is there as a reference for first time observers.
No tracing can ever do justice to the clarity of the actual map.

EDIT: [livejournal.com profile] offensive_mango claims to have seen another face on the Pacific Ocean Floor:

I’m not sure this proves anything other than that God could be a fan of the “Scream” franchise:
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Back in 2002, NTK found this amazing extract. Unsettlingly (for me), there is now no mention of this either in NTK’s archives nor apparently anywhere on Google, but believe me, I didn’t need to make this up.
From How To Marry A High-Quality Woman, by (white supremacist) Elizabeth Bennett

Women get turned on by seeing men work, play, and just move around. Your reflexes are so fast! You are so much stronger than we are. It’s nothing short of mesmerizing. When you only let her see you sitting in a chair and walking down a street, you hide almost your entire self, as a man, from her. Let her see you carry the heavy pack. Lift her down off the rock.

If there’s a party, don’t just sit there! Organize a game that excites the girls: chase them around with a pair of vampire teeth. (Women are fascinated with Dracula.) Play murder-murder, a great cocktail party game where you get your sweetie off into the basement, a closet or an upstairs bathroom—and “strangle” her, leaving the other party guests to discover the “body” and solve the mystery of who the “killer” was.

Pillow fight. Grab her and point a silly toy phaser to her head and say, “Now you have to do whatever I want. You’re my prisoner.” Say, “I’m going to teach you how to dance. Come here.” If there’s a silly plastic Halloween knife (which you brought) on the coffee table then why not pick it up and say, “Hmm. This is a nice knife. (pause) Rrrrrrr! All the better to rape you with, Liz!” And hear her laugh and squeal.

Don’t be so uptight at parties. Women love to wrestle, hoping you’ll pin them down on the couch or the bed. If she starts gets feisty with you, grab her wrist, swing her around, and pin her against your body. Arm-wrestle her, but don’t beat her right away, let her feel your strength for a while: she’ll LOVE that. If you’re strong, lift her up in the air and throw her, or carry her around, either draped in front of you or piggy-back.

Everyone else is under the influence of the sick Jewish media and riddled with insecurity. They never have any fun.
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A few years ago I worked for a firm of music lawyers. They had the odd big-name client and a fair few middling and up-and-coming, and of course the place was constantly swamped with demos. Some of the worst emanated from one man, whose name I have changed for his sake as much as mine. Nine-minute turgid ballads with just him and his acoustic guitar; no-one could have made it through one of his 70-minute extravaganzas with their wrists intact. The boss of the firm had initially encouraged him when he first got in touch, as she always did with prospective clients, but after brief exposure to his first CD her instructions were “If Blue calls, I’m not here”.

One day I fielded a call from him. The following is the note of the call I sent afterwards to the boss.
Blue is mad.

I spoke to him at 16.45. He talked for a while about all the CDs he has sent you and wondered if you had an opinion on them. Then he said that he has mastered one of the album tracks “for release on national radio tonight at 9pm”. I asked him which radio station. He replied: “All of them!”

He wanted to know how to handle “the consequences” of releasing this track. He wants to give away the royalties for the first five tracks on his album to charity. He said that he was “Walt Disney Music”. I asked him if that was his company name, sensing potential trouble if it was, and he replied “No! That's just WHO I AM. That's my CROWN. And NO-ONE can take that away.”

He went on to claim that he is “making something audible that no-one else on the planet can make”, and asked that we make sure this claim was printed in Melody Maker, NME and the rest of the music press.

He said that he had “a necessity to tide” (I had to ask him to repeat it) and that this would lead to “a wave of success”. He said that he had spoken to John at the Performing Rights Society, “and he agrees with me”, although he didn’t specify what it is John agrees with him about.

He asked that you be prepared to talk to him through the week, as he needs to discuss all aspects of production, royalties, licensing and distribution. He then demanded to know when you would ring him. When I said that I didn’t know exactly when you might ring, he hissed “My business depends on her call. If she doesn't call I’ve got no time for her”, and hung up.

She didn’t call him back. The following Friday afternoon he rang again, by which time he had made the jump to lightspeed. This call went on for much longer )

Soth Park

Dec. 1st, 2005 11:55 am
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There have been literally requests to provide a link to the much-maligned schizophr-epic Soth Park.

Here it is. Buckle up and "enjoy".

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Schizotypal afflictions are awful for the people who have to live through them, but from the outside they’re fascinating. The mechanics of paranoia intrigue me, for example—if they're always the same (and they seem to be), does that mean that aspect of the condition could be cured with a simple hit of the right chemical in the right synapse? This man is British but of Indian/Asian descent, which hasn’t made any appreciable difference to the way his persecution mania manifests itself. But if his great-great-grandfather had gone through the same process in India, who would have been “making attempts on his life” then? Indian Intelligence? The Persians? The British?

They can also, of course, be quite entertaining, as long as you’re prepared to take on a “love the sinner, hate the sin” mentality, separate out the poor bastard from the horrible nonsense their brain is making them live through, and marvel at what our minds can do to us.

His fourth allegation here is my favourite (MI5 do this all the time, you know):
I am a total genius - the type that you only find in fiction - and just like in fiction, the State wants me dead. I want 50M compensation for:

1. Over a dozen serious attempts on my life, and dozens more hopeful attempts (e.g. a varied fleet of dangerous heavy vehicles swarming round me every time I get into my car, awaiting ahead of me to suddenly pull out, swerve, fatally collide etc);

2. A year of crazy surveillance, which when coupled with assassination attempts, was meant to intimidate and mentally torture;

3. Twenty years ago, during the seventies and eighties, examiners being verbally instructed to downmark all Asian candidates; and

4. The secret service blackballing my career in painting when I left college because I was “a security threat”—wasn’t white and could draw and paint better than everyone else.


Jan. 22nd, 2005 02:25 am
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The instructive bus ride kind of reminded me of another late-night journey a couple of years ago.

Warning: contains BAD WORDS )
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On the bus home from a superb birthday meal (and thank you to all who were there), it’s standing room only. There is a free seat, but it involves sitting next to a huge white guy in his sixties who keeps muttering to himself.

Then at the next stop there’s a bit of a hold-up, as a small black woman in her forties gets on and takes forever to hoist her two bags on to the baggage shelf. She’s twitching a lot and looking hunted—like a 40-year-old black female Tweek (see illustration). She shuffles along and takes the only free seat on the bus.

And off we go. “I don’t trust the whites,” he says slowly. “I don’t trust them. Black people have got no reason to trust the whites. So I go for the middle ground. Half-castes, they’re the best. And Arabs. Their silky smooth skin. The Jews, though, they’re bringing up the Holocaust again. You know why? They’re jealous. I tell them, you’re jealous. That tsunami, it killed two hundred thousand people. Don’t bring up the Holocaust with me.”

I’m right in front of this pair and can only sneak the odd glance at them. He’s convinced he’s got a rapt audience; she’s twitching violently and looking around wildly in all directions. She’s clearly a very damaged woman. Whatever’s going on in her mind, this is absolutely the last thing she needs to be hearing.

The bus stops, people get on, I lose the thread of the monologue. When I tune back in, he’s gone into seventh gear. “So this man said to me, when the aliens land—and they will land, one day—they will kill nineteen million people a week for three months. Nineteen million. A week. And we have no idea what they will look like. Some of them might be a mile high. We’ll be like insects to them. We’ll be food. A huge tentacle could come swooping down from the sky and snatch you, and you’ll be gobbled up. We'll just be food. Don’t discount it. Stranger things have happened in this world.

We reach his stop. He lumbers off, mumbling something about Hitler. She curls up on the seat, still twitching. It’s anyone’s guess whether he’s actually done her any harm, but I can say with conviction that he certainly hasn’t helped.

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