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Mar. 5th, 2008 02:01 pm
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It’s no good. It doesn’t matter how well established it is in the States; the fact remains that in the UK the fact that there’s a dance called “the shag” will, at least during my lifetime, remain hopelessly amusing. It really doesn’t help that what claims to be the most popular instructional shag DVD on the market is hosted by nine-time shag champion Charlie Womble.

Honestly, it might as well have been called this:

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The Met have unveiled their new terrorism awareness campaign.

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Met Commissioner Sir Ian Blair last night declared his force’s investigation into its handling of the reckless and violent suicide of Jean-Charles de Menezes “a glittering success”.

“I feel vindicated,” he told reporters on the steps of New Scotland Yard. “I’m glad it has finally been proved that my force is, in some respects, more blameless than the infant Christ.”

The Met chief put to rest lingering questions about de Menezes’s motive for apparently running amok in July 2005. “He had rage and hatred in his heart,” said Sir Ian. “He knew his UK visa had run out, and he hated our freedom. We can only imagine the carnage his cocaine-fuelled rampage could have resulted in. But the moment our officers intervened by politely asking him to stop, he knew the game was up. From then on it was simply a question of self-defence.”

Sir Ian played down claims that the outcome of the investigation might have been different if it had been conducted by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. “That’s absurd,” he said. “The IPCC would quite naturally have arrived at exactly the same conclusions. No-one can doubt our impartiality and professionalism, thanks to the recent Aspersions (Police, Armed Forces Etc.) Abolition Act.” [BBC]
The force has also released a picture showing how de Menezes had transformed his appearance to look as much like a black man as possible in order to fool the police into thinking he was bombing suspect Hussain Osman:


Jun. 8th, 2005 01:00 am
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Right now my very favourite musical thing is listening to a delighted Japanese crowd yell along with the words to Dentaku on the Kraftwerk live album. Can anyone confirm that this song is literally a translation of Pocket Calculator? For all I know they could be saying "We attack at dawn!".

EDIT: Okay, I have it on good authority* that this is what Kraftwerk are actually singing:

My pocket calculator
Full of military data

By pressing down a special key
We can attack them tactically

The German and Japanese peoples must reclaim their rightful place in history and destroy American hegemony

Where's me jumper?
Where's me jumper?

*This authority must remain unnamed for reasons.

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