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Baroness Thomas of Winchester: You have to fulfil the benefit test if you have been receiving sickness benefit for at least six moths.
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Really, I can't see the problem here. I can't imagine the noble Earl would have had too much of a problem with this going into the Official Report; after all, it doesn't change the meaning that much.
Earl Cathcart: Surely this is a case of too many cocks spoiling the broth.
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Sometimes you spot these as you make them; other times it’s when you’re checking your work; occasionally someone finds your mistake before publication; and very occasionally it makes it into the actual book and we have to issue a correction. Many of the misprints I share here are ones that I have caught myself, and although I find it entertaining to envisage an unwary subeditor waving through Lord Elystan-Morgan’s “monumental rats of interest” or Baroness Andrews “meeting neds”, I have to thank my lucky stars not just that I picked this one up today but that anyone did before it snuck into the book. Still, end the year on a high, eh.
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Communities and Local Government & Department for Work and Pensions (Lord McKenzie of Luton): The Treasury’s projection is that claimant-cunt unemployment will peak at 1.75 million in mid-2010.
For clarity, that’s a typo of “claimant-count unemployment” rather than a particularly lavish Tourettic typing tic.
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Lord Hunt of Wirral: The regulations impose considerable compliance and time costs on insolvency practitioners. In moist instances, these costs must be borne by the creditors of insolvent companies.
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Lord Elystan-Morgan: Some such lenders are fairly decent but many charge monumental rats of interest.
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Baroness O’Neill of Bengarve: I declare an interest as the char of the Nuffield Foundation.
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Lord Wallace of Saltaire: I was sorry that, for example, no recently retuned active servicemen marched past the Cenotaph.
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Lord Adonis is talking about criminal record checks:
Lord Adonis: In the data I have for 2007-08, the four-week target has been mad in 95.2 per cent of cases. (“made”)
NB - I have been asked to point out that this was actually the true quote and I changed it only after I had been leant on by teh Guvmunt.
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Lord Woolmer of Leeds: ... the distinction between the [international] movement of people and the movement of gods and services.
Leaving aside for a moment the fact that the noble Lord apparently thinks it’s possible to move services by freight, surely providing “gods and services” is a whole Neil Gaiman novel, right there?
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Another in a long list of memos to me: if the Minister’s statement is about super-casinos, it’s a safe bet that he’s not going to be talking about problem gabling.
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it turns out small words can be quite important so I should probably try not to miss them out. Fun game: pin the "per" to the sentence.

Lord Waddington (Con): Unbelievably, Ireland, whose per capita income is 30 per cent higher than the EU average, is to get more head than Lithuania, Slovakia or Poland.
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Baroness Royall of Blaisdon (Lab, Minister): My Lords, I am pleased to report that 86 per cent of schoolchildren now do at least two hours of quality port a week.


Jan. 22nd, 2007 08:48 pm
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For reasons of tiredness, we can add to my lengthening list of animal-related mishears and typos the Legal Services Boar.
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Lord Ramsbotham: First there is the case of [name], who committed suicide in style, a matter that has been brought up in this House many times.
Look, if you don't know that there's a Styal Prison, what else is that going to sound like?
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Realised just in time yesterday that I had mistyped the last word of "the Serious Organised Crime Act" as "Cat". In a way I regret discovering my error. Perhaps it could have battled the evil amoeba.

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