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Another singles chart rundown. A little heavy on winsome female singer-songwriters this time, for some reason:
 1.  Cody DayWhat The Other Girls Wish They Had
 2.  The PillsExquisite Replica
 3.  Caitlyn DiamondPlease Respond Me
 4.  HalfyardAre You Evil?
 5.  Rosanna KruseNo Longer Enthralled
 6.  HittEuroVIP
 7.  JulianneHello From Julianne
 8.  The Narcotic Professionals     Sell Your Traffic
 9.  FabianGive Her Something To Smile About
10. Tanisha KimbleCan You Use A Phone?
Also nice to see that, wherever in the future this is being beamed from, Prince is enjoying a comeback, although what his fans will make of the change of direction signalled by his new single “Re: Your Debt Consolidation Loan” remains to be seen.
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You may remember when my junk mail folder briefly appeared to be beaming me album charts from the future. Now, sifting through the usual offers of cheap P@R@C3T@M0L and W0RM1N6 T@BL3TS, I find it has sent me a singles chart:
 1.  Tabatha HanksUnthawed
 2.  Linwood AbernathyHave U Heard
 3.  Karter Nightingale    Do It Right
 4.  Beaux EpsteinDrink It, Forget It
 5.  Lane LyonNo One Will Know
 6.  Magic JackpotHit The Hole
 7.  Jacques DelgadoPersuada
 8.  Loyd Wolf Talking On Cell Phones
 9.  Replica WatchesHe’s Also Phasing
10. Troy XHey!
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Further to Monday’s spam albums, here are some hotly tipped new releases:
 1.  MindaReading For Fun
 2.  Cara Armstrong Feeling Better Now
 3.  Wilfredo WebsterDesigner Replica Shoes
 4.  Leah LeblancMaking Adjustments
 5.  Kory Murdock Dreamweaver
 6.  Stephnie Ferguson Just Keep In Touch
 7.  Experiment Dodson     Her Duration
 8.  Magan GrayIs It True?
 9.  Elbert Hart Must Have Drug
10. Oralle BurkeBanger Intolerance
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Why does my junk mail folder suddenly read like an album chart? Is it a message from the future? Is this what the kids will be listening to in 10 years’ time?
 1.  Maynard HicksTime To Make A Change
 2.  Mary ConvenientMy There
 3.  Tonda WardFree Your Mind
 4.  Holly DecayIt Soul
 5.  Wilburn ChapmanHow Do You Feel
 6.  Incidence BoothGo Maritime
 7.  Conrad WinklerThere Is No Need To Parade Your Problems
 8.  Preston MerrittRight Timing, Right Choice
 9.  Marianne Gonzalez   History Shows...
10. Clarence ColeOur Service At Your Disposal
11. Jesse TatumYouGottaSeeThis
12. Ricky ClintonWrealistic
13. AdrianaIt’s Adriana
14. Noemi HammondRelax And Take The Time
15. Juanita SchroederJoin The Millions
16. Freddy EnterpriseOf Velocity
17. Clara DossYou Will Love This
18. Plasma KiserG Section
19. Matthew SanchezTransnational Dispensary
20. TravisDo U Remember

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