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Norway Time Hole “Leak” Plunges Northern Hemisphere Into Chaos

Russian scientists are reporting to Prime Minister Putin today that the high-energy beam fired into the upper heavens from the United States High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) radar facility in Ramfjordmoen, Norway this past month has resulted in a “catastrophic puncturing” of our Plant’s thermosphere thus allowing into the troposphere an “unimpeded thermal inversion” of the exosphere, which is the outermost layer of Earth’s atmosphere.

To the West’s firing of this ‘quantum’ high-energy beam we had previously reported on in our December 10, 2009 report titled “Attack On God’s ‘Heaven’ Lights Up Norwegian Sky”.

To how catastrophic for our Planet this massive thermal inversion has been Anthony Nunan, an assistant general manager for risk management at Mitsubishi Corporation in Tokyo, is reporting today that the entire Northern Hemisphere is in winter chaos, with the greatest danger from this unprecedented Global event being the destruction of billions of dollars worth of crops in a World already nearing the end of its ability to feed its self.

To the long-term consequences of this thermal inversion caused by the West, these reports further warn that by the puncturing of our atmosphere by the HHARP radars our Planet has, also, been “needlessly exposed” to the growing threat posed to us by the giant mysterious object currently approaching us (named by NASA as G1.9) which we had previously reported on in our January 3rd report titled “Russia Prepares For Asteroid Strike As New Comet Nears Sun”, and which has been blamed for the rapid shifting of our Earth’s North Pole that was first documented in 2005. [Pakistan Daily]
For more on Russia’s newly found role as saviours of the planet, see this Wired article, Russian Plans To Save Earth From Rogue Asteroid:
It’s not clear how, exactly, the Russians plan to deflect Apophis, a chunk of rock the size of two and a half soccer fields that was first discovered by astronomers in 2004. Anatoly Perminov, the space agency head, promised that there would be “no nuclear explosions” and that everything would be done “on the basis of the laws of physics.”
Also, here’s a reasonable explanation of the Norwegian “quantum time ray”, presumably concocted by the secret world government or something.
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This thing is so ludicrous that it surely has to be a hoax. Doesn’t it? Please? Russia, you’re kidding, right? Hallo?
“A short time ago the company EZ Protocols announced a start-up of vodka brand that is called ‘Kabbalah vodka – with Christian infants’, the newest quality benchmark on the super premium segment of the Russian market. The vodka is expected to have a distinguished wheat flavor. Special water, enriched in silver, gold and platinum ions along with neat and stylish design will bring anyone back to the best traditions of a ritual table. As a present, every bottle has a unique handmade infant inside, which is made of fortified glass.”

“This drink is focused on strong and self-confident men from the higher orders that prefer authority to publicity and know for a certainty about the nature of power in Russia. Just for a first day of sells, the vodka has managed to sell out more than 13,000 5-litre cases which is considered as an all-time record for brands of a given class.

“A usual case of the vodka ‘Kabbalah’ contains 10 bottles with different kinds of vodka in them and their selection is accidentally set along with 10 Kabbalah sefirot. The choice of a color of the bottle and the quotation from Torah written on the bottle backside are accidental as well.”
Given its country of origin, presumably the product also comes with a long petulant document that stoutly justifies the racism and claims wildly that everyone who has complained has conspired to wilfully misunderstand it. And then invades its neighbours and gets really drunk.
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Given Russia’s exciting proactive approach to foreign policy these days, I’m looking forward enormously to discovering in the next few days which tiny neighbouring country turns out to be “responsible” for this train crash. Fingers crossed, Georgia!
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This is reassuring news. Vladimir Putin has been out of power for too long; it’s been over seven months now. Obviously it’s not immediately apparent who might be in mind in rushing through these constitutional amendments allowing presidents to rule for longer terms—as Putin himself has said, “As for who will run for office and when, it’s too early to talk about that now”.

Whenever Putin’s fans defend his pitbull grip on power they always bring up the fact that Russian democracy is “very young”. It has not had the time to “develop” that western democracies have had. This is all code for “It is not a democracy”. Then again, it’s intriguing that he feels the need to be seen to be playing the democratic game at all, given the level of disillusion in Russia about the word and anything associated with it in the wake of the West’s lack of assistance during Russia’s post-communist chaos; he clearly feels, as have many of Russia’s previous rulers, that the only successful way to govern the place is a healthy dose of autocracy, and a hefty percentage of his population agrees with him.

I have mentioned it before, but I can’t stress it enough: Putin has his own Facebook page. I recommend friending him in the hope that, should you find yourself abroad anywhere in the Russian sphere of influence and suddenly being accused of spying, or indeed should international relations deteriorate to the point where one day Russian troops actually invade, begging to know why they are so misunderstood, it will constitute proof that you are a friend of the (by then re-elected) president and deserve amnesty.[1] A cousin of mine was able to cross the border out of Italy after the second world war broke out by producing a signed photo of Mussolini addressed to her, an example that is worth emulating if you can.

[1] The Russian for “Don’t shoot” is “Nye vstrelyaetye”. You’re welcome.

EDIT: Since last I checked, Putin’s Facebook page seems to have disappeared, although not from Google’s cache. Is Facebook a privilege only of the president? Either way, this significantly reduces the chances of you passing yourself off as one of his friends. Try instead photoshopping a picture of you and him sharing a joke.
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It’s good to see that Putin’s new Russia has left behind the bad habits of the past. In the face of institutional catastrophe, no longer will it tolerate easy scapegoating and sinister cover-ups. Onward to a new dawn!
A sailor has been charged for setting off a firefighting system on a Russian nuclear submarine that released gas, killing 20 people, investigators say.

They say the suspect activated the system “without authorisation and for no reason”.

The man, who has not been named, “has already admitted his error”, they say. [BBC]
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The Georgian regime may be seriously questionable but there’s no pleasure in watching them squaring up against a resurgent Russia keen to establish clearly, for an attentive world, that it is now batsh1t insane. The Russian army sometimes kills its own soldiers, for Christ’s sake; what do you think it’ll do to other people? Call as many ceasefires as you want, it’ll just keep on coming. How much do these people want to charge for their gas, again? I’ll get my wallet.

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