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Baroness Morgan of Ely: We must look to the long term; that is where our future is. [Hansard]
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Baroness Prashar: Language—that is, speaking, listening, comprehension and vocabulary—is learnt through interaction with adults.
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It's a day for minor epiphanies in the Lords. In the chamber:

Baroness Howe of Idlicote: We need to remember that today’s world is global.

Meanwhile, as they discuss regulations in the Moses Room:

Lord Bradshaw: Of course, birds will move. They can fly. A thing like that has to be borne in mind.
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Lord Jenkin of Roding: Everyone knows that dogs always see their own reflection in glass. We have all had experience of that.
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Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer [LD]: One of the examples that I could give... is silver, which is a well known substance.
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You learn something every day in this job.
Lord Northbourne: Visualise the situation. For nine months a child grows up in the almost total security of his mother’s womb. The relationship with his mother is secure and satisfying—unless of course, the mother is subject to domestic violence or there are drugs in her bloodstream. It is a hugely secure environment. Then, suddenly, there is the trauma of birth, and the child finds itself launched into a strange and frightening world. Research shows that at this stage a close and loving attachment to the mother is a key factor in the baby’s well-being. If the baby also becomes gradually attached to another one or two adults, that is all to the good. It is generally recognised that a stable long-term attachment to suitable adults is enormously important for every child during the whole period that they are growing up.
Why exactly did he feel the need to explain this to a room full of adults, let alone the “experts” we’re always assured the House of Lords comprises?

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