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Kill Bill and Kung Fu star David Carradine has been found dead in a Bangkok hotel room.

Thai police told the BBC the 72-year-old was found by a hotel maid sitting in a wardrobe with a rope around his neck and genitals on Thursday morning.

The star was in Thailand filming his latest film, “Stretch”.   [BBC]

EDIT: The BBC swiftly changed the word “genitals” there to the word “body”. I preserve the original partly because the change rather takes the wind out of the punchline, and partly to record the moment where, depending on the story that finally emerges, either the BBC grew suddenly coy or it was wildly misinformed by the police or even its own Thai correspondent.
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Noble Lords have been discussing Lords reform—specifically, how Members should be taxed. (The Tories are, of course, fighting tooth and nail against any suggestion that they should be taxed like normal people.) Labour’s Lord Lipsey thinks that this particular proposal’s time has come and gone—or rather, as they have been putting it rather more poetically,
Lord Hunt of Kings Heath: … my noble friend Lord Lipsey felt that the morning glory of that White Paper had gone.
Everyone in the chamber who used this phrase was thinking only of the flower. Those reporting what they said were left having to cope with rather different mental images.
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Armed separatist group least likely to be taken seriously in the English-speaking West: the MILF.
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The family of a man who was shot dead by Sussex Police while naked and unarmed has won the right to sue the force for unlawful killing. James Ashley, 39, from Liverpool, was shot 10 years ago as he got out of bed at his flat in Hastings which officers had a warrant to search.

The policeman who fired the fatal shot was tried for murder and acquitted. He had claimed he had mistakenly thought Mr Ashley was pointing a gun at him and was about to shoot him. [BBC]
Well, if you will get a man out of bed naked first thing in the morning…

EDIT: The copy has been changed on the BBC page but the slightly unfortunate phrasing is still there, tucked away at the end.
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A phrase in large type in a newspaper ad caught my eye. Sadly it turns out that “King Fuad’s Nile Steamer” is just a ship.
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From this heartfelt page:
Should a literary masterpiece published in America surrender both its title and content decades later at the whim of contemporary British gutter slang? I cannot imagine it. Surely the least of Jack Vance's work will long endure past the demise of off-color terms in any local dialect, even that of Her Majesty... One might very well declare that I strongly overreact to this work having been retitled as The Wannek.

2 Euros

Aug. 17th, 2007 02:21 pm
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For whoever it was I was telling recently that Euro coins churlishly exclude Norway from the map of Europe on the grounds that it isn't a member of the EU, here's a picture of the unfortunate visual result this has on Sweden and Finland. (Someone online has already helpfully circled the affected area.)

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Ken Livingstone's plans for London to become a Low Emission Zone can be found here. For some reason that URL has been changed; you will now find yourself redirected if you visit the original, www.tfl.gov.uk/lezlondon.

Also inexplicably closed down: the raunchy goings-on at www.london-lez.org.

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Her Majesty's Government are clearly VERY EXCITED about climate change.

EDIT: Well, I thought it looked disturbingly phallic. Clearly the rest of you are either far higher-minded or you all see shiny red phalluses every day and think nothing whatever of it.
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Baroness Hanham: When pulling off, the last thing one wants to see is something that is even more frightening and even more disturbing.

26 October
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David Baddiel used to have this bit about the fact that most trains have a component called a "bogey". This meant that in lots of meetings comprised of ordinary—and even downright dull—people, there would have been entirely serious discussions about whether the new model of train should have a bogey on it, and so on, with everyone having to pretend they had no idea what "bogey" meant.

In the same spirit of puerile delight, I present: The WEEE Directive.

* Note for any Americans who might be passing: "bogey" = "booger"
Consequently, if your trains do have bogeys on them, that won't be remotely amusing to you, and frankly that means you're missing out.

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